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Sharing Smiles

Giving Back to the Community

Everybody deserves to smile and giggle and laugh really loud.

With the Sharing Smiles Program, kids of every income and every ability get moments of true joy and delight in their little lives … those memories last a lifetime.

Kids who are ill, sad or lonely really need to smile. We make it our mission to turn tears to giggles for these special boys and girls.

The Sharing Smiles Program provides meaningful entertainment transforming the way less fortunate children think about their lives today. Our Educational Programs are designed to have an impact on childrenÕs vision for a more positive tomorrow.


Our Programs


The Mission and the Vision

The Mission

To bring joy to children who need it most.

The Vision

The children we help are living in children’s shelters and may not have a mommy or daddy. They may have been abused or neglected. They love it when we come around and entertain with puppets whom they think are real and really funny .. soft animal puppet hugs make our kids feel warm and fuzzy. When we make them silly balloon hats or paint their faces like their favorite fairy tale character or animal, their self esteem is immediately heightened by the way they look and feel. They are amazed by the magic we bring and when they help with the magic, they learn that they can entertain and bring joy to others too!

Some of Our Kids are hospitalized for terminal illness and have more worries than most of us can imagine. When we visit them, we bring a little bit of sunshine into their little worlds. Even parents benefit from a little laughter in overwhelmingly difficult times. Our Kids are sometimes in special schools because they are not able to get the attention they need in public schools. Some of these kids have physical handicaps and are in wheelchairs. Some of our kids have developmental challenges. We provide shows that teach all of our kids that they are lovable and wonderful individuals.